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Paiva Pottery

Zen Heart Rattle

Zen Heart Rattle

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Not your babies rattle, this heart shaped Zen rattle is for grown ups. Take a meditative break from the stresses of life. Kick back, relax and experience a Zen-like vibe while savoring the tactile quality of this heart rattle. Simply holding this heart is calming, however the sound created (should you choose to shake it) is a very soft rattle. The rhythmic tones can provoke a focal point to clear the mind and create a stillness.  The finish is extremely smooth and has been glazed a rich blue/teal with subtle iridescent stars that shine when they catch the light,  and small white gold embellishing dots on one side,  raw burnished clay on the other.
This is a closed form, clay beads were added during the sculpting process. Each Zen Heart is unique. You will receive the exact heart shown here in the photos. Collectible.


Arrives in a sturdy black box for storage or gift giving.  
approx 3”

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