Unique Artisan Pottery

“Created by my hands, to be held in yours.”

My pottery style is best described as eclectic, using various styles and techniques that call to me as I’m creating. You’ll always find a variety to choose from~~something new and different with each new batch. I hope that you’ll find something that calls to you today!
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~Chris Paiva

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Handmade Pottery Care

My preferred method of cleaning for the longevity of your pieces is by hand, using a mild dish detergent and non abrasive sponge. However, my pottery can withstand the dishwasher ~~with some risks, knocking into another piece or that clumsy family member (we all have one 😉). Of course pottery is breakable, it will not survive falling off a tall building (or a short one) and should be protected from obvious shocks like dropping and sudden changes in temperature. All of my pieces are microwave safe. With simple easy care your pieces will retain their beauty and become valuable heirlooms to pass down to your grandchildren when I become a famous artist after my demise 😜

Cleaning Ceramic Pipes

The preferred method and the one that I recommend for my pipes is rubbing alcohol and salt (Epsom or rock salt both work). Simply pour the alcohol and salt into a zip lock bag, add the pipe, close it up and shake for a few minutes, allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Take it out and RINSE with hot water, use a cotton swab and/or pipe cleaner to wipe any remaining residue. Repeat as needed. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, remember that alcohol is flammable and must be rinsed off and fully evaporated. Now you can enjoy your sparkly clean pipe!!