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Paiva Pottery

Pipe ~ Robusto ~ “Rainbow Love”

Pipe ~ Robusto ~ “Rainbow Love”

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This Robusto Pipe is hand sculpted, embellished with three puffy hearts and a vibrant rainbow. The embellishments have an added touch of iridescence that dazzle when they catch the light. The underside is decorated with a lovely pattern and smoothly burnished.

Robusto Pillow Pipes~ reminiscent of the short fat Robusto cigar, this style of pipe is just over 4” long and tapered at both ends. The large hollow interior provides a cool smooth smoke. This pipe is very comfortable to hold and use for your favorite smoke. The interior has been glazed as well for ease of cleaning, and has a hole in each end.  Each pipe comes with a small pkg. of screens to get you started.

Every pipe is unique, you will receive the exact pipe you see in the photos. Collectible. 

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