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Paiva Pottery

Pipe ~ “I’m Feelin’ Ducky”

Pipe ~ “I’m Feelin’ Ducky”

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How cute is this little replica of a Rubber Ducky?! Hand sculpted using speckled clay this Ducky has been glazed the perfect shade of yellow to keep it looking authentic. Approx  2” long and 1 1/2” high and full of personality! 

 Pillow Pipes, having a larger well to draw from than a typical pipe provide a smooth cool smoke.  Want to leave your pipe out for decor, you can use it as an incense burner as well (or just make it look like you use it for incense when Grandma shows up 😉 ). There’s a hole under the tail to draw from and another opposing hole for control. . The interior has been glazed for ease of cleaning. All of my pipes are equipped with a small pack of disposable screens to get you started.  

Each pipe is unique, you will receive the exact pipe pictured here. Approximately 2” x 1 1/2”Collectible.

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