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Paiva Pottery

Gnome Home Luminary - “Heart doormat”- miniature 4.5”

Gnome Home Luminary - “Heart doormat”- miniature 4.5”

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For the love of all things woodsy! This tiny Gnome home sculpture was created using a speckled tan clay, each detail has been lovingly applied to the sculpted tree home with two overlapping leaves providing a roof. Wood textured tree, stone front steps, wooden textured heart doormat, slightly opened arched door with hinges and a knocker,  purple glazed flower pot, polka dot mushrooms, vines with blue flowers, sunflowers, leaf roof with ladybug, heart shaped side window with black window grids all nestled onto a rustic textured base! Small holes are randomly placed around this piece that glow pleasantly with the included flickering battery operated candle.  Miniature fans will burst with glee over the intricate details put into this little piece.

Each Gnome home includes a tiny Gnome inhabitant with its signature little butt crack of course! 🤎

This listing is for the exact Gnome Home Luminary and Gnome that you see in the photos. 

4.5” high 

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